1. Training program for trainers/teachers/mentors working with low-skilled adults, consisting of a training curriculum and content that will be inserted in a state-of-the-art ICT tool "Android Application - App1", which will be based on an innovative methodology - “team-oriented learning in interactive workgroups”, developed based on the principle “reproducing learning material in one's own words deepens the acquired knowledge”;

Auto Installation Application for Trainers

  1. Training program for low-skilled adults, consisting of a training curriculum and content developed and included in a second application, namely "Android application - Team2Share App2"

Auto Installation Application for Trainees

  1. Guidelines for formative monitoring and evaluation of learning outcomes, consisting of a collection of methods for formative performance monitoring "Monitoring Tools", including numerous methods of evaluating performance in different formats, in order to increase performance motivation through targeted feedback and useful.



  • Team2Share European Conference in Ro;
  • 3 Team2Share National Conferences in TR, GR, AT;
  • 4 workshops organized in RO, TR, BE and GR..

In addition to intellectual outputs and multiplier events, we will develop other products that will support project implementation and the development of intellectual outcomes. They could also have an impact on target groups and other indirect beneficiaries.

These products are related to one or more activities and phases of the project and are as follows:

  • Management;
  • Transnational meetings: Bucharest, Ankara, Vienna, Kalamata;
  • Dissemination;
  • Management and quality evaluation.